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Shop With Scrip is a fund-raising opportunity for supporting St. Barnabas. Shop With Scrip helps you buy things you’re already buying–from major online and brick-and-mortar stores–and support our parish at the same time. You can purchase anytime you like online, and you can sign up for PrestoPay–Scrip’s version of PayPal- for added convenience.

To support St. Barnabas by shopping through Scrip, follow the steps below:

1. Send an e-mail to join Shop With Scrip to Bill Armstrong:

2. You will receive an e-mail from Shop With Scrip inviting you to join – check your Spam folder.  The invitation expires in 72 hours, so be sure to check soon after your request.

3. Click the link at the bottom of the e-mail and enter your information on the Scrip website.

4. After joining, you can choose to follow the directions to link your bank account to your Scrip account and enroll in PrestoPay to make online payments for your order.  A $0.15 service charge is added for your entire order, regardless of the number of cards you order.

5. Place your first order for eGift cards, which are available immediately after payment is confirmed, or order physical gift cards, which should arrive within a week. Talk to Bill Armstrong for more details.

Learn more about available retailers at these websites:

Click Below to Support St. Barnabas by Shopping through Scrip:


click here for a flyer with more information

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