Altar Service


Assists the priest at the altar, and lead the procession in and out of the sanctuary.  Adults and teens are welcome to join, as well as school-aged children (the starting age may depend on availability of garments.)

Altar Guild

Prepare the altar for services and change, clean, & maintain the worship space’s linens, candles, and altar hangings.


Welcome all parishioners, especially newcomers, before and after the services.What does it take to be a greeter?  Everyone is fully equipped; you just need a friendly smile and a warm handshake.  Greeting is easy, fun, and a great way to meet new people and to mingle with the “old-timers.”

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Assist with the distribution of the body and blood of Jesus in addition to leading the Prayers of the People.


Read the readings during the service.


Help to find seats for people, pass out bulletins, collect the offerings, and help people needing assistance before and during the service. New ushers are always welcome to assist and join the current team.

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